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100 rare luxury spaces in the metaverse. 




The following need to be completed IN SEQUENCE: 

  1. Team agrees upon the campaign details, organizes into a splashy offer on a sales page. 

  2. Identify the influencers and marketing agents we will use.

  3. Launch a massive marketing initiative focused around Twitter, Discord, IG and Clubhouse 

  4. Set a target for presales and discord members to hit before launch. 


Step one: 

Investors Tweet out their penthouses, we announce the campaign on Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, drive traffic to discord with incentives to first #... of members. 


Step two: 

We begin a series of Discord stages, Youtube and IG Lives, CHs and Twitter spaces to educate our audience about the campaign to build the metaverse together. We ask our investors to join us on these stages. 


Whenever possible- we get video of these events/interviews  and generate “Live from the metaverse” assets simply by placing video into Unity sessions with pre-determined camera moves etc. We can also just record interviews, get statements from influencers and believers- We can give them Ready Player Me avatars- or whatever kind they want, to create better quality social assets than we normally would. This also underscores our independence from Altspace, and our intention to build toward a decentralized future with the community. Maybe we use Tony’s avatar company and get a one minute voice memo from him talking about us- spoken through his ideal avatar in OUR penthouse…… 


Step three: 

We engage and re-engage the community by immediately soliciting ideas from the community for artists, types of NFTs they’d like the see in the initial 10k offering. Run contests for ETH, use affiliate links, gamification, influencers, ANYTHING that brings eyes and onboards mission aligned creators. Direct all our marketing and storytelling efforts toward painting the vision the metaverse we are all going to  build. 


We announce our founding council of artists and target artists that are very active on socials, turn them into our evangelists. Like our investors- they all get free spaces, early access. 


Step four: 

We try to secure at least one, maybe several high level advisors who will attract additional press, credibility. Maybe we get references from Tony R. Maybe we go to our industry contacts and offer to mission aligned entertainers in exchange for a performance, appearance etc… 


Step five: 

We make continued announcements to the community about the 10k drop, getting them hyped as we approach penthouse drop day. Behind the scenes we are preparing assets from artists, designers etc. We do the drop, and when it sells out, we announce the presale for the 10k collection.


The metaverse is everything, we can build it together. the network effect, the importance of blockchain, avatars and identity, VR, 
storytelling , what we've already done, where we can all go together. 

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