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How do I download Altspace ?

The NFT Oasis is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Metaverse, featuring some of the premiere NFT artists in the world in its main gallery exhibition. NFT Oasis is excited to launch our first Artwalk for our community, featuring exceptional emerging artists. 

This is a social VR event, so artists will need to download Altspace and create an avatar. Art will stay up after the event, so artists return with friends and collectors to visit again until the next Artwalk. 

To learn more about the Oasis, watch the video below. 


Owo Anietie

is a motion designer from Nigeria. He started out as a traditional artist doing paintings and sculptures. He later transitioned to motion design, animation and digital illustration in order to reach a larger audience. He's done a lot of animation videos for Nigerian producers, artists and designers one of which has headlines big Nigerian TV shows such as Big Brother Naija.

His works tell their own story as they're influenced by his African culture and heritage.


Anita Easterwood

is a portrait artist and illustrator from Kansas City, KS with 13 years of experience. She received her Bachelors in Art from Kansas State University, and Masters in African American Studies from The University of Kansas.  She specializes in traditional drawing, digital art and oil painting. Her work celebrates various aspects of life, specifically: Black culture, fashion, history, and sisterhood. 

Switzon S. Wigfall III or "SSWIII"

is a motion graphic designer / cgi artist / vj / music producer living in Los Angeles, California who creates everyday art, vj-loops, beatstrumentals, A/V live-beat performances and short films.

David Coleman 

currently works as a freelance artist while completing my associates degree in Interactive Media Game and Simulation Design. My goal is to create interactive experiences that allow users to express their own creativity.

Abdul (Z4) - 22 years old Nigerian 3D Artist , most of work is inspired by my environment , fantasies and the works of some great artists. I have a Bachelor's degree in information systems but creative design is what really speaks to me and what i love to do.

Isaac Udogwu aka "eyesackudawgoo"

is a Nigerian-born, digital artist & martial artist that uses elements of movement and African spiritualism to create mystical

Pink Brain

is an artist from Ukraine who depicts surreal worlds in her works. 

Real name Anastasiia Reznichenko. By creating bright, amazing worlds in pink colors, the artist tries to escape from the gray reality and present this world with unique, colored images

Ahmed Partey 

an artist based in Accra, Ghana. My art is inspired by African masks and sculptural pieces. The aim is to connect us to black ancestry and the essence of them. I started selling NFTs in May 2020 and I have sold about 40 NFTs till date. I have worked on major projects like Artvatars where 65 NFT artist including me from all over the world created artworks that are combined by AI.



Born in Ghana, Africa, partially raised in America, DarkMythst is a combination of an Afrofuturistic and Afro-cosmic artist infatuated with nature, technology, science, cosmic gases/planets, and spirituality. His artwork is a depiction of an experi'Mental' journey, fusing the elements of the afro-experience towards a positive, advanced future. The art is infused with spirituality and african influences that not only delights the viewer in fantasy, but educates the culture behind.


Abieyuwa Art

a Nigerian-American multidisciplinary artist from Texas. Abieyuwa makes work that focuses on the relationship between her experience as a young Black woman in today’s society as well as showcases her Esan-Igbo culture. Abieyuwa works with a variety of tools and media including photography, digital and analog video, 3D modeling, and acrylic paint. She began minting NFTs in February of 2021 as part of the Black Love & Crypto show, on cryptovoxels by IRL Art, and currently has art displayed on Unique One, Foundation and ScreensaverDAO. She is also a member of HerstoryDAO & an admin for the growing African NFT Community on Clubhouse.


Kagiso Keebine

 My name is Kagiso Keebine,my artist name is Blackguard art. I am a 20 year old artist from South Africa. I have a huge interest in african themes as well as anime and I encorporate those as much as I can in my art.

Michael Schauer is a landscape and fine art photographer hailing from Munich, Germany. His photographic work explores the the human impact on nature and views it through an artistic, often minimalism-inspired viewpoint.

Michael Brako:

Born in Ghana, Africa, partially raised in America, DarkMythst is a combination of an Afrofuturistic and Afro-cosmic artist infatuated with nature, technology, science, cosmic gases/planets, and spirituality. His artwork is a depiction of an experi'Mental' journey, fusing the elements of the afro-experience towards a positive, advanced future. The art is infused with spirituality and african influences that not only delights the viewer in fantasy, but educates the culture behind.

Himanshu Arya

Ania Shestakova

Ania Shestakova is a Russian Postwar & Contemporary artist who was born in 1990." 


Pilar Cote

Rumie Blue:

Rumie Blue is a storyteller and NFT artist based in London. She loves to make you smile, so she draws comics and illustrations.


Cartela is a contemporary mixed media artist best known and respected for creating statement-making pieces with her bare hands and utilizing U.S. and foreign currency in her artworks. Intertwining both passion and professionalism, this self-taught artist already left lasting impressions and is now expanding her talent to animation by creating and directing a short animated series called Muneli in Space. Muneli in Space is set to launch Winter 2021. (@iamcartela / @muneliinspace)

Marlies Yearby   Fast Forward Dreaming marks Marlies Yearby's first foray into Digital Art as an expression and extension of her storytelling. Fast Forward Dreaming is a 3-part series of NFTs sharing the story of Oneness with nature and the limitlessness of self realization.Her digital art collection merges over 40 years of experience in making art for the stage and across multimedia platforms to build bridges of understanding in a world of differences.Tracing is the first series of the collection, dancing with, paint, AI and collage as we move through portals of time. Breathe and Float are the titles of the other 2 series and will include MP4s, paint, collage and audio stories. Marlies Yearby’s Identity Plays will bring together musical collaborations, with her original poetry and digital art collaborators. She is a lover of the creative process and the ways art making evokes change, inspiration and boundlessness.  Marlies Yearby has coined the name Resonator to speak of herself as listening and creating intuitively as she explores with technology in the Metaverse.


Sjimenez is a 3d digital artist from Spain. He started his artistic career as a videojockey, created his own videomapping and design company and now works for television and advertising companies as a 3d/2d artist. His work is based on surrealism and fantasy achieving pieces with impact and a strong message. He believes that art is not based on style or skills but on how it makes us feel. 


Diego Rueda

Industrial Designer, & Concept Artist from México City.

I like to illustrate human introspection in an aesthetic way.


Grace Chadwick,

is a self taught metal, light, plexiglass, photomontage and fiberglass artist. My formal background is photography. I was a stringer photographer for The Oregonian newspaper in Oregon and then later decided to attend Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. Represented in galleries for more than 31 years. In Oregon I have work hanging in the St. Charles Hospital in Bend, Tualatin Public Library, WeWork, wineries, and several restaurants. Installation of my hanging plexiglass translucent “Flower Kisses” was hung from monofilament at the entrance of Art Spectrum/Red Dot during Art Basil in 2019. Most recently received my first outdoor Public Art project in Vancouver, Washington in the new development on the waterfront installed last November. I live at Fishhawk Lake, Oregon, Seattle, Washington and have a large studio in Osoyoos, BC. But often one will find me living out of a suitcase. Traveling so far in over 30 countries and incorporate a lot of my photography into photomontages and minting soon in the NFT world. 


Alexander Pevchev  aka Alpevchino is a Moscow based artist and creative director who creates vivid compositions and unique holographic surreal art. The work of Alpevchino always showcases real life problems, scares, situation in a surrealistic holographic world full of mysterious forms and environment. Mostly using the holographic and oil-like textures getting that vivid and recognisable look. Almost in each piece you can relate to yourself and feel the sense put inside his art.

Despite Bachelor degree at Economics & Finance Alexander always was attracted by design and art. More than 5 years of experience in different kind of design (fashion, web, graphics etc) and 2 years of creating digital art. Collaborated with big artists and brands like Durex, AliExpress, Daughtry, Mercedes Benz and many others. Was a participant of Mercedes Benz fashion week twice. Performed at multiple local russian art exhibitions.


Logan Merrett

is a 3D visual artist creating moments of tranquillity and relaxation through a surrealistic design style blending reality with imagination.


Santiago Vecino

Santiago has been drawing since early childhood, in 2002 he started working professionally drawing children illustrations, caricatures, graphic humor, animation, storyboards, concept art and matte painting for different worldwide clients. Parallel to his professional career, he keeps on exploring his own art projects. In 2012 he worked as a conceptual and storyboard artist for his first Hollywood movie “Evil Dead”



Hi! I‘m 3D motion designer. Currently working at heimspiel GmbH since 2018, producing VR movies, creating random abstract render and develop projects in Unreal Engine 4 and 5 for a few years.



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