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Lee Eun Bi


She is the Winner of Miss Supranational Korea 2018 & Miss Korea 2017. 


She has appeared in several music programs in Korea, such as the Immortal Song "Bulhueui Myunggok", Duet Song Festival "Duet Gayoje", and Super-Star K, she returned to the music industry with her lyrical piano-base devotional ballad.


Her song describes what may happen in a romantic relationship and everyone can relate to it. She puts on a difficult love story in which she suffers from irresistible love alone and becomes weak.


In this song, she participated in the lyrics, and the point of appreciation of this song that you can feel the sad voice of her tone.


POP IDOL boy group AWEEK, has released 3 singles so far. The Group has an overseas fan base through steady Japanese performance activities.


'Friday, Friday, Friday', released on NFT, is a pop genre song with a refreshing electric guitar sound added to the future synth sound, expressing the excitement of waiting for a day with a beloved girlfriend.


'Friday, Friday, Friday', inspired by how boring everyday life turns into a thrilling week through meeting her, is an extraordinary routine, but it is about making the Best Week enjoyable day by day.




1991~Present, Participated fashion exhibitions more

than 100 times including Gwangju Biennale, FCA,MODA Italy, Hong Kong Fashion Week

2002~Present, Published more than 30 academic articles including the Journal of Textile Institute, the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management.

Completed Uniform design projects for Korean Marine Corps, Air Force, Police forces.

Studied Fashion trend using text mining for Fair trade fashion projects from National Research Foundation of Korea.

Contributed to Sustainable fashion project from Seoul Social Economy Center


2021-2022 :Principal Investigator consumption of fashion products caused by Generation Z’s need for uniqueness and fashion leadership. Seoul National University Research Grants

2020-2022Co-Investigator. BK21+: Talent Cultivation Team for interdisciplinary Fashion Innovation, Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea

2019-2022 Co-Investigator. Textile waste recycling technology development and product utilization for sustainability. Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea & National 

2019-2020 Co-Investigator. SNU-COSMAX Technology Incubation. COSMAX




Facilitated Branding in Paris, France, from 1996 to 1999.

Held 29 domestic and foreign collections, including the British Embassy and Osaka collections.

Participated in many of the world's Paris ready-to-wear, including Paris Pretaporte and New York's Premier.

Launched personal brands, licensed foreign brands such as Fiorucci and National Geographic Apparel in Korea.

In addition to renewal of brands such as Basic Jean, Roots Canada, ISAE, and Shilla.

He has Carried out various projects on convergence of IT and fashion since 2010 at Konkuk University Research Institute.

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