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The best. the most beautiful. The artist founded Metaverse.

The power of web 3.0 is in community, but you have to keep them engaged. 

In order to endure, NFT projects have to deliver value. Your community needs focus, direction, and entertainment. It's the wild west, the tools of Web 3.0 are crude, and every month feels like a year. NFT communities are comprised of brilliant but distractible minds. If you can focus their energies, there is no limit to what you can achieve. 

Virtual gathering spaces in the NFT Oasis show us what the Metaverse is supposed to feel like. Modeled off of the success of Burning Man in VR, NFT Oasis is actually fun. The worlds are beautiful and immersive, the concert experiences are satisfying, the social experience is emotionally connected. The property rights on the blockchain create value for early adopters, but without fake digital scarcity of arbitrary land parcels.


In a short time, NFT Oasis has attracted some of the most important investors, advisors and influencers in the NFT space, including G Money, Tony Robbins, Imogen Heap, Flamingo Dao, Citizen X, and securing partnerships in Korea with Kpop stars and an IRL collaboration with the Korean government. The NFT Oasis is building toward the future and building the tools to power the self-sovereign creator economy. 

NFT Oasis is offering partnerships to select NFT communities, in the most frictionless way  possible.  For  approved communities, NFT Oasis will facilitate events, and help get your community set up in the Metaverse, at minimal cost.  Give your community memorable experiences and they will stick with you. 


For an example campaign,  we suggest:

1) A pilot event- community gathering, concert, art exhibition, panel etc.
2) Collaborative announcement on Twitter Spaces.
3) We come to your discord and help onboard your people, you are welcome to come speak on our Discord stages.
4) The event can be streamed into Discord, and recorded for use on your socials

Options are varied in terms of how much preparation and development are required.  Many NFT Projects are promising Metaverse experiences, which are costly and difficult to build. Many of the default solutions are less than fulfilling.  NFT Oasis can provide a satisfying experience immediately for free, and facilitate custom add ons from our artist community including:

Custom MREs - approx $500-$1k
(interactable metaverse goods. Hats, Shirts, interactive items etc.) 

Custom world build outs - approx $500
Import 3d models and animations into world. 

Fully Custom world creation - approx 5k-10k
We can facilitate the build-out a completely custom environment for your community to re-engage

The possibilities for gamification really are endless. We're happy to talk about token gating, POAPs, airdrops, QR code scavenger hunts and whatever else makes sense for your project.  Look forward to seeing you in the metaverse!

To submit for partnership contact

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