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METAVERSE TV  is a new cultural platform for the NFT movement, an opportunity for creators to paint a vision of the future. 

We will feature the artists and thought leaders who are revolutionizing their industries, as well as provide a platform for the incubation of long form content, using NFTs as a crowdfunding mechanism. Our mission is to highlight exceptional talent, and give artists the opportunity to tell their stories.

Programming will run 24/7, and create space for artists to create awareness around their work, and explore the issues shaping the NFts, blockchain, digital and crypto art, futurism and technology.

Metaverse TV is founded on the precept that "The Metaverse" encompasses all of the digital information and creative work emanating from our collective consciousness.


It is a layer 2 reality, where all of our  thoughts, dreams, and ambitions can co-mingle in digital space. It is the operating system for humans 2.0. 

Let's build the Metaverse together.