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Metaverse TV is an immersive technology product and a bold re-imagining of a media company. It is the third experiential product rolled out in the Provenonce ecosystem, after NFT Oasis and Provenonce for Business


Metaverse TV has already been launched to broadcast events and content from our community members. Our calendar of events will feature film screenings, concerts, mixers, industry panels and more. 

Metaverse TV as a public facing media channel is also the broadcast component of the Provenonce ecosystem.  It will provide discovery for our creators with a presence on several platforms beginning with Youtube and expanding outward. 

We are very excited to announce that Metaverse TV will be the name of the scalable, creator facing product suite, consisting of screening rooms, music studios, art galleries, podcast studios, and more. 




The primary objectives of Metaverse TV are: 


1) a re-broadcast pipeline for metaverse events to enhance discovery for creators in the ecosystem. 


2)  a place to highlight creators and the exploration of new technological workflows using ai and other animation techniques.


3) A distributed collaboration ecosystem connected to the Provenonce circle, enabling creators to create and share intellectual property using the metaverse and NFTs.  Content contributors receive an NFT for their participation in the ecosystem, which will ultimately scale into a novel rights management system for the platform. 


"What type of content is featured on Metaverse TV?"


The Metaverse TV programming consists of original first party content and second party content from our community. 


First Party content will be generated on the Vatom platform from our events, and in our partner  innovations studios around the world. 


Second Party content features other content creators who are pushing the limits of the production with new tools and embracing the metaverse. 


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