live from the metaverse tv studios


live from the metaverse tv studios

live from the metaverse tv studios

live from the metaverse tv studios

With the launch of Metaverse TV, NFTO has the opportunity to galvanize web3 culture, pushing the boundaries of the metaverse as as a content creation tool, as well as a gathering space. We will start with a series of holoportation concerts to maximize our relationship with Microsoft, followed by a series using Unreal Engine, for increased production value.  

We will attract higher quality talent if we present this as a press opportunity, saving ourselves $ on booking fees by going through publicists instead of booking agents. We can launch the Web3 version of TRL, where we interview artists about their upcoming releases from the Metaverse TV studio.  

live sessions concept

successful examples in this space:


has attracted top tier talent


The live sessions model could be a great way for us to build presence on socials, by creating an abundant and scaleable model. Artists around the world could be filmed on a green screen and dropped into one of our life performance templates, giving them a nice marketing asset during an album campaign. There is a literal never-ending stream of talent coming from publicists who are eager to get a win for their client. 

We could build presence and monetize on traditional social platforms, AND/OR we could move to our own platform.  Monetization strategies on the content could vary: 1) subscription to the whole series behind a paywall, or for token holders 2) open edition NFTs minted during each performance as a digital timestamp, which can move to secondary market. 3) sell performances as a 1 of 1, and the collector could have their name displayed, along with a link to their own page, so they can get the recognition for supporting their favorite artist.