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111 luxurious virtual spaces

Become a founding architect of the NFT Oasis metaverse.


PROVENONCE Genesis Penthouse Collection


A Key to the First Virtual Real Estate in the NFT Oasis Metaverse


The Provenonce Genesis penthouse is a digital key living on the Ethereum blockchain, which grants you access to the most luxurious virtual space in the metaverse. Several different cities around the world are available.


These initial 1/111 NFTs represent access to the inner circle of the NFT Oasis, and will grant you member’s only benefits, including immediate access to your penthouse, and early access to future drops, as we build the metaverse with the community. 


D i g i t a l   P r o p e r t y    R i g h t s


No plots of theoretical land, but a real functional space for your digital self. Each penthouse is priced at 3 ETH, and represents access to an amazing penthouse currently accessible on Altpace. Your ERC 721 NFT key will travel with you as the NFT Oasis builds onto other platforms.  The value of the NFT key is concrete and immediate. You can throw concerts, parties, panel discussions, meetings, all in incomparable style.


What's more, YOU CAN FLY. Now that's a flex. 

Let's Build the Metaverse Together


The NFT Oasis is launching a vibrant creator economy, and collectors of the Genesis penthouse will be founding architects of the ecosystem. We believe the metaverse will encompass all of our digital lives, and therefore must be built collaboratively. Future NFT drops will incentivize the community to build the metaverse together. Penthouse holders will have access to private events, and will have a front row seat.

111 UNIQUE and rare NFTs        Access to private events       Early Access to future drops 


Additional Metaverse membership benefits with roadmap activation



in the  metaverse


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