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NFT Oasis - The Dreamhouse Collection

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A collection of designs that defy the limitations of physical space  

pushing the limits of imagination.

Marble Surface


Following the success of the Genesis Penthouse Collection, NFT Oasis is pleased to announce its second collection, the Dreamhouse Collection.

The Dreamhouse Collection from NFT Oasis is a unique and exciting opportunity for anyone looking to make a home in the rapidly evolving Metaverse. Featuring 4 stunning designs, personalized customization options, and a comprehensive educational program, this collection offers everything you need to succeed in the world of VR and AR. Whether you're an experienced builder or just starting out, NFT Oasis has something for everyone with their Dreamhouse Collection.


The Dreamhouse Collection is unique because it is:

  • Cross-platform: Available on Oculus, Mac, PC, and web

  • Personalized: Rarity comes from customization and your Dreamhouse will include your art, your branding, and metaverse elements that reflect who you are

Educational: Bundled with your Dreamhouse is access to the Oasis Metaverse Academy, where you'll learn all about building, designing, and learning how to make the most of your investment. 

If you're looking for a place in the metaverse that truly reflects who you are and what you love, then the Dreamhouse Collection from NFT Oasis is perfect for you.

Featuring cutting-edge design, personalized customization options,  and an innovative educational program, this collection is your key to making the most out of your investment in the metaverse.

As an owner of the Dreamhouse, you are literally deploying your dream in the Metaverse. 


What is your objective in the Metaverse?

Are you looking to show clients that you have crossed the Rubicon into the new digital frontier?

Are you looking to create a lift in your brand awareness by hosting events, podcasts, and assemblies in the Metaverse?

Are you looking to be an innovative entertainer by performing and collaborating with other artists in the Metaverse?


This is all possible. This is what we’ve been doing for a year at NFT Oasis, with incredible artists, presenters and speakers – from Imogen Heap to Tony Robbins to K-pop and beyond. (provide links to examples)


With the Dreamhouse, this gets to be your dream; maybe even your legacy.

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Dreamhouses are available for 4 ETH each. During the presale window, we are offering a 25% discount, and you will be able to immediately access your Dreamhouse in VR and enroll in the Oasis Metaverse Academy. That’s 3 ETH to own your personalized Dreamhouse now!


For Genesis Penthouse owners, we are offering a 50% discount, or 2 ETH to purchase a Dreamhouse.


All Penthouse and Dreamhouse owners will be eligible to join the Provenonce Circle, our exclusive membership club where ideas on the future of the metaverse are shared and members have a first access to exciting new metaverse experiences.