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LINGUÈRE - An Exhibition to Honor Women's History Month

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An Exhibition to Honor WOmens History Month
by The 1Ma Collective, Genesis Africa, and NFT Oasis

Opening March 17th at NFT Oasis, 1ma and Genesis Africa are launching their curation program named WHAT MADE US, which is inspired by this quote from Amadou Hampâté Bâ: "We are the inheritance of all that our ancestors may have known and that they have transmitted to us in germ, just as the baobab is contained in power in its seed."

WHAT MADE US is a series of exhibitions, in the metaverse and in real life. Each of the exhibitions will have a historical or cultural starting point from a different country in Africa.

The first exhibition is "LINGUÈRE," to honor Women's History Month:

To be a LINGUÈRE is to be a queen, to be a royal princess. It means perpetuating the dignity of the illustrious fierce women warriors on the battlefield and of all those who still fight every day!

It is to remember the resistance of the women of Nder, the Talatay Nder commemorated every year since 7 March 1820: from their incredible act of bravery to the sacrifice of their lives to escape servitude, to preserve their honor intact and with them that of their entire people!

It is also to celebrate Queen Ndaté Yalla Mbodj, Linguere of the Waalo Kingdom, heroine of the African resistance, symbol of all strong, powerful, emancipated women, a model for our time!

Let's celebrate today the proud Linguères for this Women's History Month!

THE EXHIBITION opens March 17th, 2023 beginning with a artist meet-and-greet on Twitter Spaces at 5pm GMT / 10:00am PDT. The exhibition opens immediately following at 6:30pm GMT/ 11:30am PDT

Friday, March 17, 2023

6:30 PM

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